Connecting Clients and Video Creators around the world.

About Joiin

Connected with the multi-talents across the world, curated by a team of joyful professionals, we create relatable and heartening content loved by the GenZ and GenZ-minded audience.

Joiin strives to become one of the most trustworthy go-to partners for content production and IP monetisation solution in China and Europe.

Joiin Creative Hub is located in the creation center of the world, Amsterdam. With the Business Development Hub in Beijing, our in-house content masters and business consultants make sure that your content reaches the right audience in the right form at the right time.


Joiin connects the GenZ-minded audience to brands through heartening video content.

Joiin Production works closely with the video platforms in China and abroad and produce quality long-form series. We provide customised services from ideation to production.

Joiin Originals are the curated content developed and distributed on our O&O channels across the platforms.

Joiin Creator Network connects the brands with quality video makers around the world. Wherever you want your content made and distributed, Joiin makes it happen.


Joiin’s first rule of INTRIGUING GenZ-minded audience is to create content that speaks to their heart. Our content is the cornerstone of our audience community.

Our team, along with video pioneers, work relentlessly to keep our video both entertaining and uplifting. We INTRODUCE heartening content to our audience and make sure they always come back for more.

We strive to IMPLEMENT the brand content with creativity and innovation. We zhoosh it up with hit ideas and connect the brand messages to the target audience.

Content distribution is not our end goal; INFLUENCE is. We make sure the content reaches the highest-paying target group, and boost the conversion from attention to retention.


The Joiin team consists of a group of content experts with numerous success stories in the world of content. We are determined to bring the true emotion, true value, true stories to the audience.

Our goal is to inspire and get inspired by the creators around the world. We have our own style and way of being. Our search for authenticity and inspiration generates greater freedom of expression and creativity.

We are the content guru for GenZ.

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Bon Voyage

In the past year, the epidemic has profoundly impacted our lives, and it has also made Chinese students who study abroad face different challenges. Previous

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Travelogue: Changsha

Joiin Entertainment has been working together with China Central Television (CCTV) to create new episodes for the TV program Travelogue. The new episodes cover and explore

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