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Sweet Planet

Sweet Planet is a six-part, visually stunning series that takes viewers around the world to explore the culinary and cultural impact of sugar in cooking and

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Bon Voyage

In the past year, the epidemic has profoundly impacted our lives, and it has also made Chinese students who study abroad face different challenges. Previous

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Travelogue: Changsha

Joiin Entertainment has been working together with China Central Television (CCTV) to create new episodes for the TV program Travelogue. The new episodes cover and explore

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Aspiring Jobs in China

Aspiring Jobs in China is a workplace docuseries commissioned by People’s Daily and Boss Hiring in China. It was officially released in October, 2021. It

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Echo, a branded content collaboration with BMW China and Tencent News, was launched in December 2020. It focuses on the life of people in China during

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The Connector

The Connector is talk show with the advanced use of Mixed Reality technology. It provides a special perspective for advanced topics on high tech such as

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Kung Fu

Chinese martial arts, Kung Fu, has a trackable history in sports, health care, cultural, art scenarios, which makes it an irreplaceable icon of Chinese culture.

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Flavor of China

Explore the world with Asian cuisines, and travel back home behind the screen with the flavourful memories of China. From a Chinese restaurant in Northern

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