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Kung Fu

Chinese martial arts, Kung Fu, has a trackable history in sports, health care, cultural, art scenarios, which makes it an irreplaceable icon of Chinese culture. The character “武” (kung fu) in calligraphy is a recognised symbol in western fashion. Its simplicity comes with depth of culture. So are the postures of kung fu. The combination and variation of simple postures and mechanism create endless possibilities. Kung fu and the philosophy behind it are inherited by its practitioners. Joiin talks to famous kung fu masters, visits kung fu birthplaces. From the arenas to the parks, we witness people’s love for the health benefits and encouraging psychological effects.  

This trilogy of documentary digs deep into the core of kung fu and its most practical forms as seen in theatres, novels, movies, manga and games, etc. Joiin focuses on kung fu itself based on experience and immersive expressions. We discuss kung fu in the following areas, its lineage, development, scientific property, localisation and globalisation. We bring kung fu closer to overseas audience, also to the kung fu lovers in its birthplace, China. 

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