Sweet Planet

Sweet Planet is a six-part, visually stunning series that takes viewers around the world to explore the culinary and cultural impact of sugar in cooking and food rituals. It will premiere on CGTN on March 29. A trailer of the series can be viewed here. ​  Sweet Planet travels to different countries and remote corners of world to uncover […]

Bon Voyage

In the past year, the epidemic has profoundly impacted our lives, and it has also made Chinese students who study abroad face different challenges. Previous Next episode 1 episode 2 episode 3 episode 4 episode 5 We have filmed five Chinese students living in the United States, Germany, Israel, France, and the United Kingdom in […]

Aspiring Jobs in China


Aspiring Jobs in China is a workplace docuseries commissioned by People’s Daily and Boss Hiring in China. It was officially released in October, 2021. It tells six unique and intriguing stories of Chinese workforce, and the entrepreneurs behind them. It received positive feedbacks from the audience and was recommended different platforms. Aspiring Jobs in China […]